Maret 13, 2016

#Happy25LkimDay - Kim Myungsoo

Happy Birthday My Lovely Boy.

Credit by: @myungxbee
Now He's become 25 years old. T.T
I do some edit. Just made a few hours before. Kkkkk.

Maybe, some of don't know the reason why I love him,
Firstly, I really don't care about boy and girlgroup in Korea.
I know Korea because a K-drama that I and my bestie watch often.
It's happen in March 2015. The first time I notice Kim Myungsoo.
He's played a drama called Cunning Single Lady Which he played as His boss secretary.
He act really funny. And I started searching his information.
I found that he is one of the member Boygroup called Infinite.
At first I really don't care about that Boygroup.
My eyes only looking at Him.
But, after a month I realize, I love Infinite too.
Their personality is so pure and innocent.
Their voice and dance attract me.

After a 2 month passed, i started to not care as much as I do before. Because I need to focus to my study.
That's what I want.
In fact, I come back to love them again.Until now.

And today is my bias day.
And a year ago, I become an Inspirit (Infinite Fan)

Once Again.
Happy B'day for you.....

Hope you become a better photographer.
Hope you will always be like this.

And I hope your fans not become much bigger xD xD
Saranghae <3

Maret 02, 2016

Trip to Bali, Indonesia - 3rd Story

It's my Last story of my holiday in Bali in 19-21 February 2016.

So, I woke up in the morning and prepare to going on last destination.
First, we going to Joger and Shopping around that area. Before we enter the shop we ate a Durian.
It's so much, and could make me satisfied about the taste.
Idk, In this holiday I never snap every food that I ate.
It's sad. But, next time I will post many =)

Here I am.

At first, I want to buy a cute dresses from Joger I just want to buy it.
BUT! When I saw a long queue, I got shocked. And I take it back then got out.

After  fake "shopping" We decided to have a lunch.
The view is so cool.
And I ask my sister to take a picture of me.
What I snap
What my sister snap
Oh gosh..
It's my last holiday. And I don't get anything good.
Is it because of rain?

But i tried to enjoy.
Because it's my last day of holiday.

And the next destination is Bedugul! Bratan Lake In Tabunan Bali.

 It's Bratan Lake View

It's called Ulun Danu Bratan Temple
The famous one
 Here's my family (ex. father):

Time has passed, and the sunlight have not seen anymore.
It's rainy too

Maybe Bali is crying because I have to go back to Sidoarjo
Maybe they want me to stay longer.
I hope so.
But, i have to come back. Doing my daily activity.

And I wish that I could get another Holiday Story in other place.

Next destination?

Annyeong (Bye)