Februari 28, 2016

Trip to Bali, Indonesia - 2nd Story


I'm coming back with my second story.
It's taken on 2nd day.
February, 20th 2016

Firstly, I had a breakfast in Natya Hotel. Then I met some handsome guy, He is tall, cool, has a good skin, but i only saw him once and not clearly saw his face.
We, or only me, saw him at ballroom, eating. In the next day I couldn't find him anywhere.
It's so bad.
Bad bad bet a bad bad girl(boy)
Bad bad bet a bad bad girl(boy)
Bad bad bet a bad bad girl(boy)
Infinite - Bad

After that we went to NUSA DUA BALI. And we cross on the sea~

 And this is The Bay Bali. In Nusa Dua.

Here is my Selfpict. Just Ignore my face plz-__-
Just look at the beach's beauty

My feet touch the wave~

After that I visit the garden near the beach.
I'm running.
Because I need to loose my fat T_T

This is a security's Dog
Very cutexx

I really wanted to took a pict with these.
But I couldn't

Then, I visit to turtle's Island.
I met this crawly animal. I pretend to be afraid tbh.

It's the scenery after I visited the Turtle's Island to go back.(?)

It's called BOAT

 It's a long 2nd trip in Bali anyway. The next location is PANDAWA BEACH.

I ride a boat with my sister and brother.
But my brother is hate to take a pict. So, he jump in the sea and went swim. Alone.

 The last location is DREAMLAND BEACH.

It's only my pictures right?
I wanna share the scenery, but I think it's being overload.
Honestly I'm being lazy.

And the sun is slowly getting disappear.
I came back to the hotel.
And I still thinking about the man who I saw that morning.
He's stuck still in my mind until now.
I don't hope too much. I'm trying.

See you again in my next and last Trip to Bali =)

Februari 23, 2016

Trip to Bali, Indonesia - 1st Story

This is my first post in this Blog =)
I wanna tell you about my journey in Bali, at 18 until 21 February 2016.
At Pelabuhan Banyuwangi

Firstly, We go to harbor in Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur.
We got on the ship so fast, because it's not a holiday season.
It took 1 hour to cross the sea between Jawa Timur and Bali.
The night view also wonderful, and I just amazed with my snaps.

Moonlight at Night Shpping

In the morning I woke up and got some refreshing time, to reflex-ing from a long ride to go Bali.

Walking in the Morning

 After I showering and take a breakfast, We decided to watch Traditional Bali Theater in Denpasar. It's Barong and Kris Dance

Me. Wearing a traditional head wear(?)

So, after it finished, we going to check in Hotel, Natya Hotel, and the view is pretty good.

 But, time is running so fast. and we decided to rest because we need more energy for a long trip in next day.

Evening view, before sunset

To be continued

Stay tune for the next story.. =)