Februari 28, 2016

Trip to Bali, Indonesia - 2nd Story


I'm coming back with my second story.
It's taken on 2nd day.
February, 20th 2016

Firstly, I had a breakfast in Natya Hotel. Then I met some handsome guy, He is tall, cool, has a good skin, but i only saw him once and not clearly saw his face.
We, or only me, saw him at ballroom, eating. In the next day I couldn't find him anywhere.
It's so bad.
Bad bad bet a bad bad girl(boy)
Bad bad bet a bad bad girl(boy)
Bad bad bet a bad bad girl(boy)
Infinite - Bad

After that we went to NUSA DUA BALI. And we cross on the sea~

 And this is The Bay Bali. In Nusa Dua.

Here is my Selfpict. Just Ignore my face plz-__-
Just look at the beach's beauty

My feet touch the wave~

After that I visit the garden near the beach.
I'm running.
Because I need to loose my fat T_T

This is a security's Dog
Very cutexx

I really wanted to took a pict with these.
But I couldn't

Then, I visit to turtle's Island.
I met this crawly animal. I pretend to be afraid tbh.

It's the scenery after I visited the Turtle's Island to go back.(?)

It's called BOAT

 It's a long 2nd trip in Bali anyway. The next location is PANDAWA BEACH.

I ride a boat with my sister and brother.
But my brother is hate to take a pict. So, he jump in the sea and went swim. Alone.

 The last location is DREAMLAND BEACH.

It's only my pictures right?
I wanna share the scenery, but I think it's being overload.
Honestly I'm being lazy.

And the sun is slowly getting disappear.
I came back to the hotel.
And I still thinking about the man who I saw that morning.
He's stuck still in my mind until now.
I don't hope too much. I'm trying.

See you again in my next and last Trip to Bali =)

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