September 12, 2016

Jatuh Cinta Itu Susah??

After a few months passed, finally, I would like to share something here again..
Jatuh Cinta Itu Susah?
Setiap orang didunia setidaknya pernah merasakan yant namanya jatuh cinta, yang dizaman sekarang sudah banyak klasifikasi dari "Jatuh Cinta". Jatuh Cinta diam-diam, bertepuk sebelah tangan, PHP (Pemberi harapan palsu), Cinta sesaat, cinta sejati, cinta putih, cinta pada pandangan pertama, cinta buta, cinta fitri? ......
Oke.. lupakan..
Tapi sebenernya cinta itu bukan hal yang bisa kamu beri definisi. Saat kamu perlahan-lahan memperhatikan dia, tanpa sadar selalu mencari sosoknya, dan dalam waktu tertentu, kamu akan baru sadar, bahwa kamu menyukainya.
Hal yang paling suli saat mencintai seseorang adalah ketika kamu harus memilih untuk terus bertahan atau melepaskan, disaat kamu tak tahu bisa memilikinya atau tidak.
Yang paling menyakitkan adalah ketika kamu menyukai seseorang tanpa ada yang mengetahui.
Kamu tak memiliki keberanian untuk menceritakan pada orang-orang terdekatmu, namun, saat kamu memiliki keberanian itu dan menceritakannya, kamu menyesal.
Jatuh cinta yang paling aman adalah saat kamu bisa mengungkapkan kepada semua orang bahwa kamu mencintainya. Meskipun kamu tau kamu tak bisa memilikinya seutuhnya. Kamu tak perlu merasakan sakit ketika kamu ditolak. Jatuh cinta yang aku maksud adalah mencintai seorang Idol. HAHAHAHA
Seseorang yang normal (fans) tidak akan marah ketika idolamu memiliki pacar, karena kamu masih bisa mencintainya, dan pacarnya tidak akan marah padamu karna mencintainya. #Yeahh
Berbeda dengan kehidupan disekitar kita, jika kita mencintai pacar orang lain kita harus siap-siap untuk mati (salah satu kemungkinan terburuk).
Jadi, jika kalian sudah merasa lelah dengan orang-orang disekitarmu, cobalah untuk mencintai sesatu yang tidak akan pernah bisa diambil oleh satu orang. Seperti olahraga, idola, hobi, atau mencintai Tuhan-mu secara lebih lagi (Karna Dia tak akan membenci dirimu dan akan selalu mencintaimu kembali).
God bless.
Have a nice day~
Jangan lupa bahagia. 
*Note: Pacar ku sekarang INFINITE. Hahahahaha.

April 28, 2016

#Happy28thSungkyuBirthday - Kim Sungkyu

It's finally 28 of April.
I'm so happy and.. there is something that I couldn't describe.

Kim Sungkyu is turning 28 years old in this 2016.

But, Sometimes I felt like, "How could you like some one who is 28 years when yourself still 19 years old."
I feel embarrassed but  I just love him.
There is no reason I could hate him.
He is adorable. Lovable. Cute. And silly in his own way.
He is my second bias after Myungsoo.

I notice him a long ago.
When I still fall in love with Myung.
I watched Infinite's Dance Practice Video.
He caught my attention with the way He sang.
It's Infinite - Paradise.
He is wearing White T-shirt with crying Love.
I like his style that time. And I always falling with his voice.

Now, I know who is he.
A man with a good manner.
A man who act like a little boy.
A man who loves his dongsaeng.
A man who lazy, but hard worker.
A man with angle voice.
A man with high class brain.
And a man which has a husband materials.

Hope you will find someone who can make your world shine as I found you.
Thanks for already born.

Once again.
Happy Birth Day
My Hamstergyu~ 


April 06, 2016

My Journey with English

I just remembered some accident yesterday night. And it's about learning English.

Back then I was in Junior High School and still dummy and still stupid.
But now I just become more develop, doesn't mean I became smartest.

This story began when I sent a message to my crush.
He suddenly said, "Why do you look ugly?"
That time  I was so stupid and I don't know any single mean of that question.
But I reply it pretending that I knew.
I don't remember what I said to Him. All I remember is we still sent a message.

And my curiousness won't let me go.
I asked my close friend who knowing English well.
I said, "Do you what is this mean? ......."

But she took 10 minutes to reply, and said in Indonesia means, "Kenapa kamu jelek"

At first I shocked like, "Why you said that to me?!"And after 1 minutes I realized, Ahh.. She just answering my questions before.
 And another truth is He doesn't like me. And I was so embarrassed.

That's happened when I was in 1st grade. And when I in 2nd grade I learning English little by little.
Until Now.
So, here I am. Writing an English story. But don't get shocked because my English is still not good enough. Just knowing some phrases and simple daily conversation.

And there is so many story about me and my English. It's so embarrassing. But I will share another funny, embarrassed, disgusted story of me.

One thing that I have to say.
I hope that every people in Indonesia know how to speak English.
It doesn't matter if you still have a bad pronoun, because I have too.

And this year we will have so many competitor in AFTA era.
So, keep learning and learning.
Actor: Song Joong Ki

Maret 13, 2016

#Happy25LkimDay - Kim Myungsoo

Happy Birthday My Lovely Boy.

Credit by: @myungxbee
Now He's become 25 years old. T.T
I do some edit. Just made a few hours before. Kkkkk.

Maybe, some of don't know the reason why I love him,
Firstly, I really don't care about boy and girlgroup in Korea.
I know Korea because a K-drama that I and my bestie watch often.
It's happen in March 2015. The first time I notice Kim Myungsoo.
He's played a drama called Cunning Single Lady Which he played as His boss secretary.
He act really funny. And I started searching his information.
I found that he is one of the member Boygroup called Infinite.
At first I really don't care about that Boygroup.
My eyes only looking at Him.
But, after a month I realize, I love Infinite too.
Their personality is so pure and innocent.
Their voice and dance attract me.

After a 2 month passed, i started to not care as much as I do before. Because I need to focus to my study.
That's what I want.
In fact, I come back to love them again.Until now.

And today is my bias day.
And a year ago, I become an Inspirit (Infinite Fan)

Once Again.
Happy B'day for you.....

Hope you become a better photographer.
Hope you will always be like this.

And I hope your fans not become much bigger xD xD
Saranghae <3

Maret 02, 2016

Trip to Bali, Indonesia - 3rd Story

It's my Last story of my holiday in Bali in 19-21 February 2016.

So, I woke up in the morning and prepare to going on last destination.
First, we going to Joger and Shopping around that area. Before we enter the shop we ate a Durian.
It's so much, and could make me satisfied about the taste.
Idk, In this holiday I never snap every food that I ate.
It's sad. But, next time I will post many =)

Here I am.

At first, I want to buy a cute dresses from Joger I just want to buy it.
BUT! When I saw a long queue, I got shocked. And I take it back then got out.

After  fake "shopping" We decided to have a lunch.
The view is so cool.
And I ask my sister to take a picture of me.
What I snap
What my sister snap
Oh gosh..
It's my last holiday. And I don't get anything good.
Is it because of rain?

But i tried to enjoy.
Because it's my last day of holiday.

And the next destination is Bedugul! Bratan Lake In Tabunan Bali.

 It's Bratan Lake View

It's called Ulun Danu Bratan Temple
The famous one
 Here's my family (ex. father):

Time has passed, and the sunlight have not seen anymore.
It's rainy too

Maybe Bali is crying because I have to go back to Sidoarjo
Maybe they want me to stay longer.
I hope so.
But, i have to come back. Doing my daily activity.

And I wish that I could get another Holiday Story in other place.

Next destination?

Annyeong (Bye)

Februari 28, 2016

Trip to Bali, Indonesia - 2nd Story


I'm coming back with my second story.
It's taken on 2nd day.
February, 20th 2016

Firstly, I had a breakfast in Natya Hotel. Then I met some handsome guy, He is tall, cool, has a good skin, but i only saw him once and not clearly saw his face.
We, or only me, saw him at ballroom, eating. In the next day I couldn't find him anywhere.
It's so bad.
Bad bad bet a bad bad girl(boy)
Bad bad bet a bad bad girl(boy)
Bad bad bet a bad bad girl(boy)
Infinite - Bad

After that we went to NUSA DUA BALI. And we cross on the sea~

 And this is The Bay Bali. In Nusa Dua.

Here is my Selfpict. Just Ignore my face plz-__-
Just look at the beach's beauty

My feet touch the wave~

After that I visit the garden near the beach.
I'm running.
Because I need to loose my fat T_T

This is a security's Dog
Very cutexx

I really wanted to took a pict with these.
But I couldn't

Then, I visit to turtle's Island.
I met this crawly animal. I pretend to be afraid tbh.

It's the scenery after I visited the Turtle's Island to go back.(?)

It's called BOAT

 It's a long 2nd trip in Bali anyway. The next location is PANDAWA BEACH.

I ride a boat with my sister and brother.
But my brother is hate to take a pict. So, he jump in the sea and went swim. Alone.

 The last location is DREAMLAND BEACH.

It's only my pictures right?
I wanna share the scenery, but I think it's being overload.
Honestly I'm being lazy.

And the sun is slowly getting disappear.
I came back to the hotel.
And I still thinking about the man who I saw that morning.
He's stuck still in my mind until now.
I don't hope too much. I'm trying.

See you again in my next and last Trip to Bali =)