Maret 13, 2016

#Happy25LkimDay - Kim Myungsoo

Happy Birthday My Lovely Boy.

Credit by: @myungxbee
Now He's become 25 years old. T.T
I do some edit. Just made a few hours before. Kkkkk.

Maybe, some of don't know the reason why I love him,
Firstly, I really don't care about boy and girlgroup in Korea.
I know Korea because a K-drama that I and my bestie watch often.
It's happen in March 2015. The first time I notice Kim Myungsoo.
He's played a drama called Cunning Single Lady Which he played as His boss secretary.
He act really funny. And I started searching his information.
I found that he is one of the member Boygroup called Infinite.
At first I really don't care about that Boygroup.
My eyes only looking at Him.
But, after a month I realize, I love Infinite too.
Their personality is so pure and innocent.
Their voice and dance attract me.

After a 2 month passed, i started to not care as much as I do before. Because I need to focus to my study.
That's what I want.
In fact, I come back to love them again.Until now.

And today is my bias day.
And a year ago, I become an Inspirit (Infinite Fan)

Once Again.
Happy B'day for you.....

Hope you become a better photographer.
Hope you will always be like this.

And I hope your fans not become much bigger xD xD
Saranghae <3

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