April 06, 2016

My Journey with English

I just remembered some accident yesterday night. And it's about learning English.

Back then I was in Junior High School and still dummy and still stupid.
But now I just become more develop, doesn't mean I became smartest.

This story began when I sent a message to my crush.
He suddenly said, "Why do you look ugly?"
That time  I was so stupid and I don't know any single mean of that question.
But I reply it pretending that I knew.
I don't remember what I said to Him. All I remember is we still sent a message.

And my curiousness won't let me go.
I asked my close friend who knowing English well.
I said, "Do you what is this mean? ......."

But she took 10 minutes to reply, and said in Indonesia means, "Kenapa kamu jelek"

At first I shocked like, "Why you said that to me?!"And after 1 minutes I realized, Ahh.. She just answering my questions before.
 And another truth is He doesn't like me. And I was so embarrassed.

That's happened when I was in 1st grade. And when I in 2nd grade I learning English little by little.
Until Now.
So, here I am. Writing an English story. But don't get shocked because my English is still not good enough. Just knowing some phrases and simple daily conversation.

And there is so many story about me and my English. It's so embarrassing. But I will share another funny, embarrassed, disgusted story of me.

One thing that I have to say.
I hope that every people in Indonesia know how to speak English.
It doesn't matter if you still have a bad pronoun, because I have too.

And this year we will have so many competitor in AFTA era.
So, keep learning and learning.
Actor: Song Joong Ki

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