April 28, 2016

#Happy28thSungkyuBirthday - Kim Sungkyu

It's finally 28 of April.
I'm so happy and.. there is something that I couldn't describe.

Kim Sungkyu is turning 28 years old in this 2016.

But, Sometimes I felt like, "How could you like some one who is 28 years when yourself still 19 years old."
I feel embarrassed but  I just love him.
There is no reason I could hate him.
He is adorable. Lovable. Cute. And silly in his own way.
He is my second bias after Myungsoo.

I notice him a long ago.
When I still fall in love with Myung.
I watched Infinite's Dance Practice Video.
He caught my attention with the way He sang.
It's Infinite - Paradise.
He is wearing White T-shirt with crying Love.
I like his style that time. And I always falling with his voice.

Now, I know who is he.
A man with a good manner.
A man who act like a little boy.
A man who loves his dongsaeng.
A man who lazy, but hard worker.
A man with angle voice.
A man with high class brain.
And a man which has a husband materials.

Hope you will find someone who can make your world shine as I found you.
Thanks for already born.

Once again.
Happy Birth Day
My Hamstergyu~ 


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